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Vaccines & Recommendations

Gennova Biopharma is proud to launch India’s first mRNA based Omicron variant Covid Booster vaccine & is also world’s first Thermostable, Needle-free mRNA vaccine.

This Needle free vaccine is given via intradermal route (in the skin) using a special device, imported from USA.

This vaccine has been developed in partnership with DBT (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India)

This vaccine has been tested on >3000 subjects in India across 13 cities. Vaccine was found to be safe and offers a good immune protection.

This Omicron Booster is recently recommended by NTAGI (National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, India) and now available on COWIN.


Omicron booster vaccine is recommended by multiple global healthcare authorities including

World Health Organization (WHO)

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, USA (CDC)

Australian Technical advisory Group on Immunization, Australia (ATAGI)

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Europe (ECDC)

National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, India (NTAGI)

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