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Why OMICRON Booster:

Need of Booster Dose:

Multiple Covid-19 vaccines have been made, and they are very good at preventing infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of vaccination decreases after 3–6 months following the second dose of vaccine.

COVID-19 boosters is an additional dose or doses of a vaccine given when the protection from the earlier vaccine starts to decrease.

Many countries and policymakers have advised a booster dose, to protect patients who are at risk of getting severe infection and reduce health-care and financial consequences.

Need for Omicron Booster

The Omicron variant is the most common type of strain worldwide.

While the regular 2 dose vaccines offer strong protection against the original virus and early variants, they are not as effective against Omicron. However, receiving a booster shot can restore immunity against this Omicron variant.

By getting an Omicron booster shot, existing immunity can be built up, and one can gain substantial protection against reinfection, even from challenging Omicron variants.

Boosters have been shown to be safe and effective in improving your body's ability to fight the virus.

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